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ACT IV Clinical Trial in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma

ACT IV Glioblastoma Clinical Trial screener Rindopepimut is an investigational vaccine being evaluated in patients with glioblastoma (a type of brain tumor) that expresses a particular mutation called Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) protein variant III (EGFRvIII). The EGFRvIII mutation, which is present in approximately one-third of glioblastomas may play a role in the growth of glioblastoma tumor cells.

In three previous clinical trials in patients with newly diagnosed EGFRvIII-positive glioblastoma, patients given rindopepimut and the standard treatment, temozolomide, had encouraging clinical results compared to historical control patients who were treated with temozolomide alone.

The ACT IV study is a Phase III study to investigate the effect rindopepimut has on the survival rate, time to disease progression, and quality of life of patients with newly diagnosed EGFRvIII-positive glioblastoma.

Approximately 440 people are expected to participate in the study, which is being conducted at nearly 200 locations around the world.

If you have been newly diagnosed with glioblastoma, you may want to consider participating in the ACT IV study. As part of the study screening, your tumor tissue will be tested to see if your glioblastoma has the EGFRvIII mutation.